Text Box: Eolia Community 
Fire Protection District

Retired Apparatus

Text Box: Old 6920 when it was at NWFPD (Silex) as 6210.
Text Box: Old 6920 undergoing restoration by us  before being put in service.
Text Box: Old 6920 after it went into service with ECFPD.  
It last served us as pumper-tanker 6920.
A 1967 International / Firemaster Pumper
It had a Barton-American 500 GPM Front mount pump and 1200 Gallon Tank,  duel rear 3Ē direct fills and Newton dump chute.
Text Box: Old 6920 on itís last day at ECFPD.  Driving off to itís new home at Catron MO Fire Department.  It was donated to Catron to serve as the first Fire truck  in a newly formed Department. 
Text Box: Old 6919 1984 Dodge Van from MDC.  Used as EMS First Responder and Personnel carrier.  
Text Box: Old 6918 1974 Dodge Brush Unit from MDC
Text Box: Old 1970 International.  From MDC. First served as a 1800 Gallon Tanker (6913, then 6923). 
Text Box: Old 1970 International.  Later rebuilt and made into Unility/Light Unit 6929.  Given to Frankford FD thru Conservation.
Text Box: Old 6924 ( previous 6914 & 6910 ) 1984 Chevy/FMC Pumper  1000 GPM Mid-ship Pump and 750 Gallon Tank.  Came to ECFPD from LCFPD#1 (then T&R FD old 832, itís twin, 834, went to Winfield.)  Itís twin was donated to us by WFFPD. The two trucks were put together to make 1 good truck out of the two.  The chassis was stripped, then sold to a private individual. The funds from the sale were used to purchase the current 6928.